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Freedom Fighter (Ukraine) Oil Painting

Freedom Fighter (Ukraine) Oil Painting

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Gregory Prestegord, Freedom Fighter (Ukraine) Painting, Philadelphia, 2022-2023. Oil on Canvas

Unique painting created by Philadelphia based fine artist Gregory Prestegord

Unframed - Unstretched

The oil painting depicts a Ukrainian soldier standing tall with a flag in his hand, waving it proudly in front of a war-torn backdrop. The soldier's face is determined and solemn, showing the weight of the conflict that he has endured. The colors of the painting are muted and somber, reflecting the devastation and destruction of war. Despite the desolation surrounding him, the soldier's pose and the raised flag convey hope and resilience, representing the unbreakable spirit of the Ukrainian people in the face of adversity.

A portion of proceeds from the auction will be donated to the Ukrainian Red Cross. Donations can make a significant difference in the ongoing war effort in Ukraine. The organization provides crucial humanitarian aid, medical assistance, and emergency relief to those affected by the conflict. Donations can help the Ukrainian Red Cross provide essential items such as food, water, shelter, and medical supplies to those displaced by the war. They can also support the organization's efforts to provide psychological and emotional support to those traumatized by the violence. Furthermore, donations can assist in the Ukrainian Red Cross's efforts to provide mine risk education and clear unexploded ordnance, making the area safer for civilians. By donating to the Ukrainian Red Cross, individuals can contribute to the relief efforts and help alleviate the suffering of those impacted by the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

Dimensions: 108 x 84 in