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Blueshift Nutrition

Favorites Sampler

Favorites Sampler

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Discover your favorite Blueshift blends with this 8-pod sampler, featuring a selection of our most popular superblends. Formulated by experts and crafted for deliciousness, our powerhouse pods deliver results you can feel in flavors you’ll crave.

  • Packed with up to 10x more nutrients than typical pills or gummies
  • Powered by plants and packed with phytonutrients
  • Backed by science and formulated by leading doctors and nutritionists
  • Naturally delicious with no added sugar or artificial ingredients

Did you know our pods are peelable? We’ve made it easy to enjoy them with whatever bottle you have on hand. Just mix well into 14oz of cold water and enjoy!

What's Inside

NOTE: includes 2 pods each of:

  • Blueshift Electrolytes (Lemon Raspberry) - Blueshift Electrolytes is formulated to provide all of the minerals and nutrients you need to help your body recover and rehydrate from a hard day, a strenuous workout, or a raucous night out.* Nutritional Information
  • Blueshift Immune Ultra (Blueberry Acai) - Your immune system is under constant attack, even more so when you travel or are under stress. Our ultimate immune support is loaded with a powerhouse blend of 18 ingredients that work together to supercharge your immune system and keep your defenses up.* Nutritional Information
  • Blueshift Pre + Probiotic Ultra (Hibiscus Peach Mango) - Healthy digestion is the foundation of a healthy body (there’s evidence gut health impacts everything from your skin to your brain).* Our synbiotic formula contains both pre- and probiotics to ensure you've got everything you need to help support the health of your gut microbiome.* Nutritional Information
  • Blueshift Sleep (Lemon Lavender) - Rest easier (and better) with Blueshift Sleep.* Whether you need help falling asleep faster, achieving a more rejuvenating sleep, or supporting your circadian rhythm, our formulation is your natural secret weapon for achieving the quality of sleep you've always dreamed of.* Nutritional Information


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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