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Frangiosa Farms

Big Deal Honey Bundle (5 jars!)

Big Deal Honey Bundle (5 jars!)

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Best Deal Honey Bundle
This is a sampler bundle of 5 x 12oz jars of our botanical and mushroom infused honeys.  Buying these individually would cost over $80 buy it in a bundle and  save big!
1 x Lion's Mane Infused honey 12oz jar
1 x Reishi Mushroom Infused honey 12oz jar
1x Black Elderberry Infused honey12oz jar
1x Golden Turmeric Infused honey 12oz jar
1x Raw Wildflower Honey 12oz jar


Lion's Mane Infused Honey - THE PRIDE OF THE FUNGI FAMILY

This raw artisan, small batch Adaptogenic Honey with Lion's Mane helps focus and stimulate the mind, all while bringing the taste buds to life with a clean, organic lemon finish!

Reishi Infused Honey - MAKE ‘SHROOM FOR REISHI

This raw artisan, small batch Reishi Mushroom honey helps restore balance and focus the sense, while simultaneously engaging  the taste buds to life with a bright, organic orange flavor.


Frangiosa Farms artisan raw, small batch Golden Turmeric with Raw Honey brings together the natural sweetness from the hives and the mellow, earthy spice from organic Golden Turmeric Root (Curcuma longa) to deliver a taste like no other that provides soothing, long-lasting benefits.

This small batch artisan honey engages both the taste
buds and the natural wellness benefits of Raw Honey and Black Elderberry (sambucus negra) to provide a tasty boost for the immune system, body and spirit! 

This tangy yet sweet raw-honey blend delivers a natural health boost with the addition of black elderberry, an all-purpose, antioxidant-rich super fruit that moderates inflammatory response and supports key body systems.

Raw Wildflower Honey

This is top quality Grade A honey.  This is small batch wildflower honey.  Predominately sweet yellow clover mixed with all the wonderful wildflower our bees could finds.  This honey forms the base for all of our infused honeys.  Enjoy.