Calling all Influencers! Make money with Product Search Live!

Our business model offers great opportunities for influencers:

  • Access to high quality content and products
    • Professionally produced multi-camera studio footage
    • Access to high quality products
    • No need to negotiate with brands individually
  • Easy way to make money
    • No need to ‘sell’ - just be authentic while sharing our live stream with your audience
    • Ability to “go live” anytime using PSL content available 24/7/365
      • Pick the products that work for your niche
    • Easy tracking of commissions through your Shopify discount code
      • Share your code with your audience so help them save money and to earn commissions

If you have at least 100K followers on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc and are interested in learning more apply through our contact form!

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